Music Education

24280_605711489456000_609033162_n.jpgMusic Education 

Music study lifts the heart and brings families and communities closer together. Students gain confidence as they overcome challenges and learn to meet their goals. Additionally, music students experience improved reasoning, coordination, math, and language skills. And, did you know that children who study music experience less discipline problems and increased acceptance rates to post-secondary institutions?

Personalized Learning 

SAM students work closely with their teacher to meet their personal goals. Teachers can help students develop sound technique, explore a range of genres, discover improvisation or song writing or pursue classical training through the Royal Conservatory of Music. Lessons will be tailored to exploit each student’s strengths, overcome their challenges, and advance at their individual pace.

Performance Experience 

SAM students will have regular performance opportunities. Performance is an important component to music education as it helps students to attain personal goals, build confidence, gain music appreciation, and establish their important place within the musical community. SAM students will be encouraged to perform in studio recitals, school recitals and music festivals. Students will also be encouraged to attend faculty recitals and community concerts.