Adult Classes and Workshops

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The Art of Jamming for Adults

Mondays, 7:30 - 8:30

Ages: Adult

Instructor: Lisa Mullaly

Session 1: Oct. 2 – Dec. 4

Session 2: Jan. 8 – Mar. 12

Session 3: Apr. 9 – May 28


Are you someone who plays piano, learned a scale or two, but never figured out how to jump into a jam session and plunk along? Do you play basic chords on guitar, ukulele or mandolin? Maybe you even rip some sweet solos but feel some theory instruction might help you put it to use in real time? This class is designed for adults who want to develop musical improvisation skills. Discover the basics of chord theory, lead-sheet reading and ear training and use these skills to train your jamming muscles. Bring your instruments and try out some others such as piano, guitar, cello, ukulele and drums. This class will get you strumming, tapping and bowing along, building up confidence needed to jump in and jam at your next backyard party.

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Beginner Piano for Adults

Fridays, 7:30 - 8:30

Ages: Adult

Instructor: Lisa Mullaly

Session 1: Oct. 6 - Dec. 8

Session 2: Jan. 12 - Mar. 16

Session 3: Apr. 13 - June 1

$155 (Includes learning materials)

An introductory group class for adults! Learn the basics, or refresh those lessons from childhood, of note reading, interval reading, counting rhythm, basic theory and effective practicing skills. Adults will be instructed on both easy classical and popular repertoire. The first half will focus on notation, hand positions and technical skills, while the second half will expand on how to jam and play by ear. By the end of the course, adult students will feel confident developing their piano skills independently, with the basics covered and lots to practice!

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