Registration for 2020-2021 group classes opens June 13th


Preschool Players

An exciting intro to violin for preschoolers! This class is a mix of intro to violin and basic musicianship. Students will start slowly, learning the parts of the instrument and how to hold proper posture while also having fun learning rhythms and songs. Students will play listening games and have fun familiarizing themselves with the sounds of string instruments and advance to playing tunes on their violins. Parents are invited to the last ten minutes of each class to assist with home study. Students will be required to have a violin, but not until the 4th week of classes. Teachers and admin staff can help parents with information on sourcing a violin and teacher will assist with sizing. Please contact us if you are interested in the Preschool Players class.

Early Musicianship

Tuesdays, 2:00 - 2:30

Ages 3-4 

Instructor: Melissa Braun

Session 1: Oct. 20 - Dec. 8

Session 2: Jan. 18 - Mar. 15

Session 3: Apr. 6 - May 25

$115 for 8 week session

This class is perfect for young children who love to sing and dance, or who would like to get a head start on the skills needed for lessons later on. Early Musicianship classes are designed at SAM to form a strong foundation for future music study and enjoyment. Children in this class will have fun developing their sense of pitch and rhythm through songs, rhymes, movement, singing games, and exploration of simple percussion instruments. We will listen to various pieces of music and respond with drawing and movement. Children will also be introduced to basic musical notation. Register here.